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Sound Masking

Open office work space can provide opportunities for stronger team work and communication, but the increased noise often adds distractions that can decrease productivity. It can also create a challenge for confidentiality and privacy when you can overhear any phone call or conversation around you. However, there is a cost-effective solution to these noise problems: sound masking!

What Is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is the art of adding noise to an environment in order to improve sound quality. But it is not just any noise that is added. Sound masking fills the background with white noise that is specifically focused on the sound frequencies of human speech. It is designed to sound like the typical office ventilation system, a gentle "wooshing" that is hardly perceptible.

How Does Sound Masking Work?

It may seem counter-intuitive, but sound masking really works. Imagine you are in a dark room and someone is randomly blinking a flashlight. That blinking light is very obvious and can be quite distracting. But what happens when we turn on the overhead lights in the room? Now the blinking flashlight is hardly noticeable because it has been covered by background lights. Sound can work the same way; distracting noises and conversations can be covered by adding an even, gentle background noise.

An important note: sound masking is not the same as noise cancellation. The idea of cancellation may be appealing, but the only practical applications are headphones or microphones. Noise cancellation for offices is only available for expensive military-grade installations.

What Are the Benefits of Sound Masking?

With the average worker losing almost two hours a day to distractions, it is no wonder why government agencies, medical facilities and office buildings are using sound masking systems to improve privacy and sound quality at work. Sound masking has incredible advantages for any office setting, and especially in open floor plans with cubicles. Consider these benefits of sound masking:

VoiceArrest Sound Masking System1. Boost productivity by decreasing distractions at work.

Cubicle workers are constantly bombarded by distractions at work – ringing phones, nearby conversations, noisy co-workers. In an attempt to cover up this constant noise, more and more people are using headphones at work, though enjoying their favorite tunes may just be adding a different distraction. A quality sound masking system installed in the cubicle area can mask the excess noise and distractions, increasing a worker’s concentration and productivity.

2. Improve confidentiality with speech privacy.

Some of the distractions and excess noise may also come from conversations bleeding through the paper-thin walls. Whether the head of human resources has a one of those voices that carries, or the guy in the cubical next door is making a confidential phone call, sound masking can help create speech privacy, where human speech is unintelligible to those beyond the immediate conversation. By utilizing one sound masking zone in the offices and different one in the open space, conversations are effectively masked without noise build up in the enclosed spaces.

Speech privacy systems can provide your office with improved concentration and productivity while increasing the confidentiality and privacy within your company. Consider the use of sound masking in your company and start reaping the benefits today.

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