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Advanced Home - Systems for Residential Construction

I'm excited about my new home! My builder has thought about the technology that my home will need now, and in the future.

  • I like being able to control my furnace with my phone. It turns itself down at night or when no one is home, for comfort and to save energy.
  • I like being able to control my fireplace and sprinklers with my phone. I never forget to turn them off.
  • I need to conveniently receive visitors and Amazon deliveries. The door intercom camera records all activity, notifies me of visitors, and even lets me know if a package has been dropped off.
  • I have the convenience of keyless entry. It is so handy to not have to carry keys when we go for a walk. Family, friends, and service people can get in, if I want them to.
  • I can dim my lights the traditional way, or with my phone. Sometimes I just say 'Hey Google, turn off the kitchen lights and set the living room lights to 50%."
  • My modern home requires reliable wifi coverage throughout the home and yard for all our devices.
  • The video cameras help my family to feel safe and secure.
  • Our outside lights and table lamps automatically turn on at dusk, and then turn themselves off.
  • I may want to add solar power to my home now or in the future. Solar power is becoming more attractive all the time. I want to avoid extra rough-in, design, and structural engineering costs.
  • When I am away, I like being able to confirm that the furnace is working, my home looks lived in, and even that the garage doors are closed.
  • I will likely drive an electric vehicle someday, and I want my home to be ready. It is a lot easier to look after all these things during construction, rather than trying to retrofit later.

Advanced Home is dedicated to developing the most practical and user-friendly technology for new Saskatchewan homes.  These future-ready systems help to improve efficiency, comfort, and convenience, and will benefit every new home buyer. This expandable and non-proprietary technology is compatible with hundreds of other Google Home products. All your family will love it. 

The iHome package for new home construction includes:

  • Solar Power Ready
  • Electric Vehicle Smart Charger ready
  • Smart Lighting for 8 zones
  • Full home and back yard wifi coverage
  • Keyless entry for front door
  • Front door video intercom with visitor & delivery detection
  • One exterior camera
  • Garage OH door interface, and fireplace control
  • Wifi thermostat
  • Three Music Speakers with Google Assistant
  • All systems have local traditional control, plus smartphone & Google Home voice control.

Complete customer cost including taxes:    $6,750.00 (iHome Allowance)

See our Builder's App for available options. Electric Vehicle Chargers by AESL

There are no required monthly fees, unless you choose to subscribe to Google services.


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