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I am excited about my new apartment. My landlord has equipped the building with the technology that I need. The future-ready systems improve efficiency, comfort, and convenience to support my active lifestyle.

I need to conveniently receive visitors and Amazon deliveries. The AESL 1valet system effectively processes visitors and couriers. I never miss a delivery, and my packages are securely held for me in a locker until I get home. I can get in the building using a card, my phone, or even just my smile! I love the convenience of keyless entry through any door. It is so handy to not have to carry keys when we go out. Family, friends, and service people can get in, if I want them to.  

I like being able to control my furnace with my smartphone. It keeps us comfortable, and it even knows to turn itself down when no one is home, to save energy.

The building and site are protected by video cameras, which helps my family to feel safe and secure.

I can dim my lights the traditional way, or with my phone. Sometimes I just say ‘Hey Google, goodnight, and all my lights turn off and the furnace goes into night mode. When I have company, I just say ‘Hey Google, play my music’. Its very convenient.  

My modern home has good quality and reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire building, activity rooms, and rooftop patio, for all our devices.

My building is equipped with solar power collectors to reduce our dependance on SaskPower and to reduce cost. I really appreciate that the landlord cares about efficient power generation.   

I will likely drive an electric vehicle someday, and I am glad that Legacy Towers is equipped with solar powered electric vehicle chargers!  I like being charged by the sun.   

I get updates and messages from the building managers so that I always know what is going on. There are no surprises when the fire alarm is being tested or trades people are on site.

I love my new hi-tech home!




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