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iHome Systems

AESL’s residential technology division, iHome Systems is dedicated to researching and applying the most practical and user friendly technology for your home.  This may include multi-room music, home theatre, media distribution, light control, and home security systems.   

Safety & Security

Increase safety and security by monitoring for intrusion, gas/water leaks, fire, and controlling lighting upon entry/exit or intrusion detection.  The system can notify the home owner of alarms or troubles, or provide live video on a smartphone.

Comfort, EfficiencyConvenience & Lighting Control 

Control heating/cooling based on temperature, time, and occupancy. Set up single-button “scenes” to control lighting, entertainment, and alarms.  Have exterior lights come on at dusk, interior blinds close, or have automatic night lights.  Control your home remotely by smartphone from anywhere. Your home can even notify you via phone or email when your attention is needed, such as if the furnace fails. Reduce your energy bills by minimizing your consumption of electricity and heating fuels. The system will automatically set back the heating and cooling when nobody is home.  We will help you to get Energy Star points, and to go beyond Energy Star.   


Enjoy multi-room whole house music, convenient video distribution, and experience dramatic home theatre viewing.  Ensure that the home is ready for future centralized HD TV, and media networking.

Our Qualifications

iHome is backed by Advanced Electronic Solutions, Saskatchewan’s premiere systems integrator.  We can bring our advanced technical abilities to your home.   

iHome Systems can be seen in homes by Touchstone Development Corp.

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