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Prairie North Health Region


Multi-site Integrated Systems:

AES provided a SIP compliant solution that would seamlessly integrate multiple systems across the region.

The Customer:

Prairie North Health Region covers a large and geographically diverse area in the northwest part of central Saskatchewan. Economically, the western part of Prairie North, especially around Lloydminster, is vibrant and growing, with significant oil and gas exploration and development. The northern section around Meadow Lake is bustling with activity in forestry and related industries. The southern and eastern parts of the Health Region are primarily agricultural and service industry based. The central areas of the Region abound with a combination of these activities. Prairie North is believed to be the single largest employer in the geographic area with 3100 employees.

Prairie North is the only health region in Saskatchewan that is home to two regional hospitals: Battlefords Union Hospital in North Battleford, and Lloydminster Hospital on the Saskatchewan side of Lloydminster. Saskatchewan’s only provincial psychiatric rehabilitation hospital – Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford – is located in Prairie North Health Region. SHNB, as it is known, is also home to the province’s Forensic Services program.

The Challenge:

In 2009 the forward thinking PNRHA IT department set out to modernize the region’s diverse and largely obsolete facility systems into a centrally controlled unified system. This would require updates at a dozen facilities in different cities. The system had to be standardized using industry accepted formats and protocols. The IP infrastructure was to be leveraged for scalability, simplified management, reliability, and a reduced total cost of ownership.

The Systems Solution:

Working with the health region IT, facilities, and nursing staff, AES provided a SIP compliant solution that would seamlessly integrate nursecall, wanderer security, telephone, wireless telephones, intercom, security and access control.
AES provided training to PNRHA staff for provision of rough-in and first line maintenance and trouble shooting. PNRHA's central office and AES have full systems control and reporting. Several capabilities that would be too expensive to add at each location, such as wireless integration, reporting and administrative management, were added efficiently on a global basis.

AES continues to work with the region to extend this successful solution to all their sites. Update work is complete at River Heights Lodge – North Battleford, Dr. Cooke Centre of Care – Lloydminster, Lloydminster Hospital, Maidstone Integrated Care Facility, Lady Minto Health Care Centre – Edam, and St. Walburg Health Complex. Projects are planned for Battleford Union Hospital, and Turtleford Hospital.

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