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Providence Place, Moose Jaw


The Customer:

Providence Place is a quality long-term care, geriatric assessment, and day program facility with a focus on elder care. Providence Place began the geriatric and long-term care services on May 27, 1995 when a new 188 bed facility was constructed. Providence Place currently has 160 long term care beds, as well as 14 beds in the Geriatric Assessment Rehabilitation Unit. They strive to provide quality services that meet the needs of residents and clients, while being good stewards of resources. Their quality services are underscored by values of love and acceptance. Their ethics are lead by the Catholic Health Ethics Guide published by the Bishops of Canada.

Providence Place is sponsored by the Saskatchewan Catholic Health Corporation with funding flowing through the Five Hills Health Region, and enjoy a positive relationship as an affiliate of this Region.

The Challenge:

After serving the facility well since 1995 it was time to retrofit the original Dukane visual/tone nursecall system. The new system needed to provide facility wide communications, assignable nursecall, priority coverage, and flexible stations for the 184 bed facility. The system had to be retrofit with minimal disruption to daily operations. Cost was a major issue, although added efficiency from current technology would be considered.

The Systems Solution:

AES completely replaced the existing systems with the new Telligence IP solution. The network was extended throughout the facility, facilitating the deployment of various station types and integrating wanderer security. The scalable system was designed to accept future IP network based cameras, access control, and paging, without requiring any rewiring. An AES supplied temporary wireless nursecall system helped to take the strain off nursing staff during the retrofit. The retrofit to Telligence was very clean and proceeded in an organized and timely manner. The
new system provides several advantages over the original system including flexible stations and assignments, digital voice quality, and reporting. Improved efficiency resulted in a quick payback.  Pocket paging has since been added to the system, allowing staff to be more mobile and efficient in their work.

AES is pleased to have served Providence Place well since original construction. Other Five Hills Health Region facilities to have benefitted from AES’s long term commitment to Saskatchewan’s healthcare market include St. Joseph’s Hospital/Foyer D’Youville - Gravelbourg, Assiniboia Union Hospital, and Craik and District Health Centre.

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